Genres Of Illustrations

There are different genres of illustrations used by artists for expressing. These are:

  • Concept illustration includes animation, gaming and fantasy. In this type of illustration, many interpretations are created based on a specific theme so that different stages can be seen.
  • Illustrations for children are used which can be naïve drawings, simplified drawings or maybe realistic depending the target audience, their age group and of course the story. These are usually very narrating, colorful and the characters used are friendly and cute which makes them very entertaining.
  • Comic illustrations which expresses through images but with a combination of texts. Cartoon forms are very commonly used if comic illustration.
  • A book illustration can be done using any method and then it is printed. This illustration is completely dependent on the vision of the author which makes it a versatile style.
  • Advertising illustration aims to attract attention of the people and creating an impression that lasts for a long time in the viewer’s mind. This style can be used to convey a message to the audience in a better way.